Autism Treatment Testimonials

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Our Journey to Recovery

I truly believe that people needs to hear recovery stories as every one of them helps give hope to people who are often told there is none. Taking this journey with us to recovery, it’s so amazing to see what natural medicine intervention can do for a child that was lost in her own world. Our daughters development regression and delay made our family depress and stress no one could ever imagine. Until, you are on this side of the fence then you can really understand what other families have gone through.  It’s a long road, but I am telling you from our experience with our 4 yr old daughter Elizabeth, that there is hope, you have to believe, trust, and be patient. Doctor Reid, has been a blessing to our family and I’m so grateful for the talent and gift that God has given her. We took our daughter in to see Dr. Reid when she was 2.5yrs. I’m please to say that the has come a long way. Before we took our daughter in to see her, Our family was caged in a world of fear, misery and hopelessness. She had so many behavioral symptoms that was very frightening. She was in her own little world. All she did day after day was run from room to room and cling to every corner she could find. She had no interaction with us. Her facial expression was blank. After putting her a whole organic diet, GFCF foods, along with other supplemental therapies and intervention we are seeing a new person. She is breaking out of her shell. She is able to socialize, she can now say one and two word sentences, and her cognitive abilities and attention span has significantly improve. We are finally getting Elizabeth back! she now has a smile that lights up the room. Dr. Reid has been a blessing to us. thank you again for doing what you do, and for being such a Great Doctor along with a such a friendly and great staff.

Warmly, Michelle


My Son’s Recovery From ASD

We came to Dr Reid for help with our son, then 3 years old, when our family doctor was completely unable to help us. He had no functional communication, was awake for hours during the night, avoided other children, had many sensory aversions, and screamed much of the time. Dr Reid was able to help us identify and implement various interventions based on his body’s needs. She is very knowledgeable about the underlying causes of autism symptoms and how to heal them. Now at the age of 8 he is mostly recovered from ASD. He can now communicate quite well, sleeps well at night, but most importantly he is socially outgoing and has many friends.

Because Dr Reid understands that symptoms are the result of underling biological causes, she has been able to see patterns in our family that has led to better health for all of us. No other doctor has ever picked up on these patterns or underlying issues for any of us before. She helped us recover our older son from OCD that set in when he was 6, and was also the only doctor able to help me when I developed a serious chronic illness myself. We are all much happier and healthier for having found Dr Reid and are grateful for that.