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Eczema, Depression and Anxiety in a child

We had an appointment today that I cancelled (because L. is doing so well and insurance is not paying anything) but I wanted to give you a progress report.  Her skin is completely clear (has been for a few weeks).  I keep waiting for an area to flare up, especially with all of the animals and allergens out here on the farm, but so far, so good.

She is happy . . . I mean, back to the old, happy L. we used to know.  She no longer has her downcast, alarmed appearance but is (often) smiling and peaceful.  Last night, she sat down to play the piano for the first time in MONTHS.  I noticed, without saying anything, that she made very few mistakes.  She has taken lessons for years, but always struggled . . . never really being able to read music very well and hating every minute of it.  Afterward,  she came to me with an enormous smile on her face and said, “I just noticed something.”  (and I’m thinking to myself . . . “So did I” . . . ).  “Playing the piano isn’t hard any more!”

She went on to explain that, maybe for the first time, she understood how to read the music.  We talked about how great that made her feel and it was just so wonderful to see her experience this joy.  She also said that she’s noticed math has been easier lately.

Anyway, because she can’t swallow pills (although I continue to make the suggestion to keep trying), the only ones she will take regularly are 3 P5P/day and her zinc.  And that seems to be her dose for keeping her anxiety in check.  Sometimes she is good about taking the probiotic.  I need to encourage her to try the niacin again . . . and C.

A new kid!  Now to work on the other two.
Can’t thank you enough — your work is changing lives.

W. (mom of daughter with pyrolluria and eczema)


I Had depression my whole life. Even as a child I don’t remember being happy.
As an adult I began to have anxiety as well. Dr. Reid did some testing and we started to treat based on my labs. I couldn’t believe it, but within a month I could feel things shifting. I actually feel happy.
I am so glad I was able to do this without the use of medication. I am feeling the light at the end of the tunnel for the first time.

R. (32 yo male with chronic depression/anxiety)