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It is estimated that one in ten people are Pyroluric. It is believed to be a factor in larger percentages of people with anxiety, depression, ADHD, alcoholism, autism, and schizophrenia. It has not been studied enough and not enough people know about it, especially your traditional medical doctor. I believe it is the main cause of much of our societal ills and I’m working to start a movement to legitimize the disorder in the medical community. Basically a Pyroluric needs more Zinc and B6 than other people, and under stress or growth spurts even more. Zinc and B6 are vital nutrients that affect hundreds of processes in our body. One key process is the creation of Serotonin, a neurotransmitter in the brain, which is a necessity for being calm and having a sense of well-being, let alone think.

Dr. Reid

If you are able to see Dr. Reid you’ve come to the right place. At the intake she explained that there are many things to look for but based on his symptoms she would test for Pyroluria first. We wanted answers sooner than later so we chose to do a large range of tests and went forward to check for other issues at the same time. The simplest and least expensive test the doctor recommended was the most important. [I was glad to get the results of the larger test and rule out the many other concerns (heavy metals, yeast, bacteria etc.) and also confirm the Pyroluric zinc deficiency.]

The Miracle

The day before my son’s third grade year started I was bawling on my couch because I could not see ever having a warm loving relationship with my children as the daily tantrum had just ensued. Receiving his Pyroluria test results and supplementing B6 and zinc I immediately could see his ability to come out of these episodes improve. There has been a long road and key therapies (Especially therapy to heal his Audio Processing Disorder but today I have the most amazing young man in my house. He is happy, kind, and funny. He takes responsibility for his homework and he rarely needs my encouragement or help. From not reading and very frustrated to earning all A’s in his 8th grade Fall term. We have a great relationship and he is becoming a fine young man.

Dr. Reid has been a blessing to us. thank you again for doing what you do, and for being such a Great Doctor along with a such a friendly and great staff.


What Is Pyroluria?
Could It be Effecting My Child, My Family?

Our History

In June 2005 my 7-½ year old son started Occupational Therapy for Sensory Integration (SI) Dysfunction. From the day he was born we had struggled trying to determine just what was going on with him and how could we help him do better. He was not reading. He would get so upset and could not be soothed. (He was my first child and I did not have a different reference point.) The occupational therapists waiting room had a library and bulletin board. A flyer titled “Red Flags in Children” caught my eye as I noted my son had just over half of the “Red Flags”. The flyer was from a Naturopath and mentioned food allergies and sensitivities. (We we’re trying to go “dairy free” and contemplating gluten free because my cousin’s daughter was “cured” of SI dysfunction when they went GFCF. This was very difficult for me. Fortunately in the end we did not have to make these dietary adjustments.) I was originally afraid of the term “Naturopath”. I mistakenly thought it was based on “folk remedies” and not science. I’m so glad I made the appointment.

Family tree

Pyroluria is genetic. In the beginning I did not recognize the symptoms in myself until I saw how it could be the cause of much of the illnesses in my family. The nasty thing about the disorder is that it gets worse with stress and age. Having lived for 45 years deficient in two key essential nutrients and experiencing much stress I found my levels were critical and the impact on my health was starting to be very debilitating. Dr Reid had me run a hormone test panel and we found that I was out of balance in everyone measured. Getting healthy has been challenging. Trying to get some help through my “regular” doctor even with test results in hand and being told to try anti-depressants is infuriating. It is a journey, frustrating, difficult but so worth it. The future is so bright. I’m happy to talk with anyone seeking more details on our story just ask Dr. Reid for my number.