What is Bowen Therapy?

The neuro-muscular manipulative therapy known as the Bowen technique is a noninvasive, yet powerful way to realign the body, eliminate pain, and allow healing.The moves are a simple rolling motion over the muscle belly and its underlying fascia. This, in turn, stimulates nerve conduction


Most acute injuries take an average of 2 treatments, while a chronic problem may take longer.Treatments are spaced at least 5-10 days apart to allow the body to “reset itself” in the interim.


Bowen therapy facilitates healing of the whole body by improving circulation and lymphatic drainage, while helping to eliminate toxins and assimilate nutrients. In activating the body to heal itself, the technique stimulates an immediate healing process.

Bowen therapy is gentle and can be used on anyone from infants to the elderly.The practitioner does the move, then leaves the room for a few minutes to allow the nervous system and its corresponding muscles time to reset.

The treatment is very relaxing and many people have nodded off when the praticioner returns to the room two minutes later.

Bowen therapy is not repeated sooner than 5 days or longer than 10 days in order to provide a cumulative effect on the body.


Bowen is used for a wide range of complaints from sports injuries to chronic complaints.


  • Back pain
  • TMJ
  • Asthma
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • knee problems
  • frozen shoulder
  • Nausea of pregnancy
  • And more!

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