Avoid Getting Sick for Christmas

Are you noticing how everyone around you seems to be sick right now?  I don’t want my patients to be worried or sick over the holidays, so here is an updated protocol for all the winter bugs. The idea is to get your immune system strong, so you are able to resist or fight any exposure you may have.

If you only want to take one thing, take either: Biovegetarian (priority one) or Immuplex (standard process). Both have multiple vitamins and herbs to strengthen the immune system and fight infection. Take 2 caps a day for prevention, 2 caps 3x a day for an active infection. Both are available on my Fullscript online pharmacy.


  1. Ivermectin 0.2mg/kg a day which is around 12-18mg for most adults. When sick, bump it up to 18-24mg a day until well. It is a promising antiviral. Get a prescription from me if you need it quickly. Otherwise, order a bunch from www.BuyIvermectin24.com It takes 3-4 weeks to get it, but you can buy it in bulk very inexpensively. You can also use this if you have been exposed.
  2. Zinc 30-50mg a day with food. Women take less than men.
  3. Melatonin 1-3mg before bed. This isn’t for sleep as much as for the antioxidant effects. Get extended-release melatonin.
  4. Mouthwash with either hydrogen peroxide (Peroxyl) or chlorhexidine. You can also use a povidone-iodine rinse. Do 2-3x a day.
  5. Vitamin D 5000-10,000IU. Hopefully, you have had a vitamin D blood test and know how low your levels are. You want your blood test to be over 60ng/ml as the rate of dying from any viral infection dramatically goes down at this number.
  6. Vitamin A 10,000IU. If you are on Biovegetarian or Immuplex or other supplements with vitamin A, don’t add more.
  7. Vitamin C: 1000mg twice a day, at least.
  8. Quercetin 500mg a day
  9. Probiotics: at least 50 billion CFU a day on an empty stomach
  10. Iodine nose drops or spray. There is a brand-name product called Cofix that is an excellent nasal spray. You can make your own to save money: buy Neil Med nasal rinse saline packets. Dump one in a 4-ounce bottle and add 1 tsp of povidone iodine to it. You can use this mixture in a dropper bottle or nasal spray bottle. Use twice a day. Iodine kills everything. Use this before and after you go anywhere where there are a lot of people coughing.
  11. Steam inhalation/vaporizer/diffuser: use essential oils, Vicks VapoRub, or hydrogen peroxide. You can get a 16-ounce bottle of hydrogen peroxide and, pour it into a cool mist humidifier, fill the rest with water. Put this in the sick person’s room or a common area to prevent infection in other family members.

Also, don’t forget that sugar is very inflammatory and reduces your ability to fight infection.  The holidays are full of treats, so choose wisely. Exercise is important to keep the immune system strong.

A sauna, if you have access to one, is also very healing.  If you come to my office, you can get your first sauna treatment for free this month.

You can also come into the office to get an individual protocol adjusted to your specific needs.

Not everyone is the same, but prevention is always better than fighting illness.

Here’s to a happy, healthy, and blessed Holiday season!