Reduce your risk of sudden death from heart attack to nearly zero!

Did you know that sudden death is the most common consequence of a first heart attack?
It is totally preventable with lifestyle modifications. The Nurses’ Health Study, one of the longest running studies found that the following four lifestyle choices are vitally important:
1. Do not smoke
2. Keep your body mass index <25 3. Exercise at least 30 minutes a day 4. Eat a Mediterranean-like diet If you do only one of the above, you reduce your risk by 46%. Do two from the above list and cut your risk by 59% Do three from the above list and slash your risk by 67% If you can do all four you will reduce your risk of sudden death by 98% There you go; there isn’t a drug out there that can match the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. So tomorrow, eat turkey, go for a run, and enjoy your family! Have a healthy thanksgiving! Ref: Jama 2011 Jul 6;306(1):62-9