I have been super busy these past few weeks, and have neglected my blog!  So today is a collection of a few good articles.

The environmental working group has come out with the best and worst list for pesticide contamination on produce.  You can get to the “dirty dozen and the clean 15” by clicking here .

I was surprised that the number one worst fruit was apples.

Here is a link to the recent recall of risperdol.  I have a few patients who are on this, so take note!

And here is a link to the (unfortunately not surprising) finding that most teenagers drink at least one soda a day.  Why is that bad?  The sugar that teens are ingesting is phenomenal. It is replacing many nutrients that they should be getting.  Instead our teens are depressed, anxious, hyper, unfocused and overweight.  Let’s feed our kids right, they will be so much happier and healthier!

I hope you all have a great Father’s day weekend.  Enjoy  your Dad, or if you are a dad, take it easy and have some fun!