Adrenal fatigue is a common functional condition. It is identified by low adrenal hormones (cortisol, DHEA) coupled with a constellation of symptoms. Anyone can get adrenal fatigue, but it usually comes after a prolonged stressful situation or severe acute stress. Perfectionists who drive themselves, who don’t slow down to rest and relax, and people who have repeated or continuous stressors are at highest risk. These are the most common signs and symptoms of adrenal fatigue.
1. Sleep doesn’t revive you. Despite getting enough rest, you can’t get up in the morning and drag yourself through until around 10 or 11 am.
2. No energy for things that you used to enjoy. Sometimes the simplest things, like playing with your children, are too difficult.
3. Everything seems a lot harder than it used to.
4. Crave salty foods.
5. Crave sugar.
6. Decreased sex drive. You are just too tired.
7. Little things bother you. You are yelling at your kids more, getting anxiety attacks, irritable for no good reason, etc.
8. It takes you forever to recover from exercise or illness.
9. Low level depression
10. Light headed when stand up too fast
11. PMS is worse than it used to be.
12. Nothing is fun or exhilarating anymore.
13. You need food and/or stimulants to keep you going (caffeine)
14. Difficulty making decisions
15. Foggy brain and absentmindedness…can’t think clearly
16. Crash between 3-4 in the afternoon
17. Attention deficit symptoms: can’t stay on task, and it takes longer to complete tasks.
18. Increased food allergies
19. Constipation (mild)
20. Hypoglycemia (mild)
21. Low blood pressure
Sound like anyone you know? Next time I will talk about what to do if you suffer from this condition.