Adrenal fatigue, as we talked about in the last blog, can have devastating effects on a person’s health. A hallmark of this syndrome is taking a long time to heal and having excess fatigue and decreased stamina. Diseases like chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, asthma, allergies have a very strong adrenal component. Let’s talk about what to do if you find yourself with adrenal fatigue:
• Eat a clean diet that is low in sugar, and free from your food allergies/addictions.
• Nutritional supplements are essential in healing a fatigued gland
• Sleep: without adequate sleep healing cannot be complete.

I am going to focus on supplements in this blog as this seems to be the area of most confusion. No, you do not need to take all these supplements. The more severe the problem, the more comprehensive the supplement plan. This is where your doctor can be helpful in choosing the most appropriate program for you.
Supplements for adrenal fatigue:
• Vitamin C: This is the number one vitamin that the adrenal gland uses. In severe cases one may need extraordinary amounts of vitamin C. I have seen asthma patients requiring up to 10grams a day, without any side effects. The healthier you are, the less you need. Generally you start with 500mg twice a day. Buffered C is best as it is buffered with calcium and magnesium to protect the stomach from the acidic nature of vitamin C. You can increase by 500mg increments until loose bowel movement occur. At this point back off to the previous dose, this is your tolerated dose.
• Pantothenic acid (B5): This is one of the B complex vitamins that is particular to adrenal function. Start with 1000mg a day.
• Calcium and Magnesium
• Licorice root: the herb most known for supporting the adrenals.
• Ashwaganda (withania): an adaptogen which will improve fatigue and nourish the gland
• Ginger root: a natural anti-inflammatory, modulates cortisol levels.
• Whole gland extracts: Extracts of adrenal gland will nourish and support healing. Often giving relief very quickly.
• DHEA: a hormone the adrenal glands produce. Helpful if adrenal function is very low. Only use in low doseages for a short period of time.
• Pregnenalone and/or natural progesterone: can decrease inflammation and improve fatigue if needed.
Most of these can be done OTC and with your own monitoring. Advanced cases of adrenal fatigue that need complex treatment plans are best implemented by a doctor familiar with this condition.